Cookies Policy

When visiting a website, it may wish to store or collect information from your web browser. Typically, websites will do so using small files called cookies, the main function of cookies is to allow that website to remember who you are and any preferences that you have specified. For example, these preferences could be how you’ve interacted with the website, the type of device you’re using, are there items in your basket and whether you’re logged into the website.

Below we’ve outlined the cookies that we utilise and explained what they mean to you and how they impact your experience on our website.


Strictly necessary cookies

These are cookies that are completely necessary for the website to function. Examples of these include any privacy preferences, use of the basket and checkout functionality and sending forms via the website. Whilst these cookies are strictly necessary for our website to function correctly and therefore cannot be disabled, you can set up your web browser to block and/or inform you about these cookies. By doing so you will be preventing parts of the website from functioning correctly.


Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow us to gain an insight into how visitors interact with our website on a functional level. For example, they will help us to understand how visitors have found our website, what pages are most/least popular and to give us an overview as to how the website is generally performing.

Please note that these cookies cannot be used to identify individual users. When these cookies are collected the data is grouped together as one data set which removes the possibility of singling out and identifying individual users.


Targeting and tracking cookies

These cookies will record your visits to the website and inform us about what pages you visit and what content you engage with (buttons, forms, links etc). This information may be used to help tailor the adverts you see on this website to your specific requirements and may also mean you see adverts for the website on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Outside of utilising tracking cookies for Google Analytics, which helps us monitor how well our website is performing and how users engage with it, we do not pass any information about your cookies to third parties.

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